From January 18 till 20, 2017, the next edition of COME TOGETHER will take place in Frascati Theatre Amsterdam. Let's come together and exchange knowledge, meet colleagues, present ideas, test theories and brainstorm with the audience. Use this space and time to explore or present something you might not otherwise be able to do.
Are you an Amsterdam based dance or performance maker or are you connected to the Amsterdam dance and performance field (for example through the education you had)? And are you interested in sharing your work in this context? Send your proposal (and questions) to:

Glad to share the good news that NeverLike is going structural! We received a positive advice from Amsterdam Fonds, which means ongoing support for the period of 2017-20. First time on this platform. Very hopeful and looking forward to get going with all the work we are aspired to make!
Wed 18-01-2017 COME TOGETHER # 3   Frascati, Amsterdam
Thu 19-01-2017 COME TOGETHER # 3   Frascati, Amsterdam
Fri 20-01-2017 COME TOGETHER # 3   Frascati, Amsterdam
Mon 23-01-2017 -> Sat 04-02-2017 Classes   Tanzquartier, Wien
Wed 01-02-2017 -> Tue 14-02-2017 COME TOGETHER # 3 [RESEARCH]   ICK AMSTERDAM
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