Hello and welcome to my site,

I am a dance-artist, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 1997 and since then I have been working in the dance field throughout Europe as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer.

The path of my work as a maker has traveled through different themes, styles and aesthetics but has always maintained a choreographic interest. I focus on movement and its organization following a coherent concept or a task. Placing the body, or more precisely the movement of the humand body, at the center of my investigation, I am nevertheless wishing to tease the boundaries of the public, my collaborators and above all my own. 

My working method, and general artistic standpoint, is also to derive material from the performers with whom I work, myself included. The work is inspired and driven by an exchange with the team I am working with. I invite the performers to take an active role in the creation process and to own the work, making it theirs as much as mine. 
Their history, beliefs, perspectives and personal fascinations are assmilated into the work, one way or another. I see myself as a facilitator; directing, supporting, nourishing and giving form to a collective effort and inspiration.

Besides information about recent work, you can have a look at the archive section where I have placed registrations of old works and information about my work as a teacher. This site will be in-process as long as it is online so please drop by once in a while for updates.

Keren Levi


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