Keren Levi (Israel/1972) is choreographer who lives in Amsterdam. Her foundation, NeverLike, receives structural grant for the first time for the period 2017-20. With elements such as dance, (live) music and video, her work is best described as interdisciplinary, core based on choreographic principles. Each work gets a unique, specific form that almost never resembles the other works; Never-like. Levi has built an versatile profile as a choreographer with a body of work including, among others,  “Territory” (2004 NL, BNG award winner),  “Couple-Like” (2006 NL/ BE, in collaboration with Ugo Dehaes),  “Big Mouth” (2009/ IL, made and performed together with Oren Laor and Niv Sheinfeld) and “Couple-Like # 2” (also in collaboration with Dehaes - a new version for youngsters and a winner of a Silver Cricket award for 2011). 

In 2012 Levi premiered the video-dance performance "The Dry Piece" (winner of the Dioraphte Award from De Nederlandse Dansdagen 2013) at the opening program of Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht. That year she also created "To Band", a music-dance concert with and for youngsters, in collaboration with composer Tom Parkinson, which premiered in Breakin'walls Festival, Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam. Between 2012-2014 Levi participated in the MA program in Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AMCh) in AHK and graduate with "Footnoting", a practice and a score, performed by Mari Matre Larsen, Eva Susova and Norberto lopes Segarra.   “Clubbing”, a music-dance performance which continued her long term exchange with Parkinson, premiered in March 2015. That project received support from the dutch Co-Producers network.  In 2016 Levi premiered two pieces: “Up Side Down” and “The Dry Piece | XL Edition”. A video-dance performance for children age 4+ and a collaboration with Stockholm based choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander, “Up Side Down”  is an International coproduction with partners from Poland, Serbia, Sweden and The Netherlands, which utilized the video installation Levi developed for her Dry Piece.  “The Dry Piece | XL Edition”, a new version for 8 dancers and more, premiered in Julidans Festival 2016 and is on tour since then. Since receiving structural funding for her company NeverLike, Levi created two works: “Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry)” (in short FCS) and To Voice.  Yet another collaboration with Parkinson, who created a sound score after Morton Feldman’s music, FCS is a performance-essay and an exchange with artist Krijn de Koning, who made a sculpture especially for this performance. To Voice, a dance-theatre performance on location with amateur performers, is Levi’s first outdoor performance and a collaboration with theatre makers Elike Roover & Rutger Esaias, in co-production with De Gasten and Bos Theatre. In 2018 Levi also completed “Otherland”, a 13 min. dance film in collaboration with director Jan Pieter Tuinstra, which premiered in Cinedans and is shown on festivals around the world. Levi teaches dance technique, body-work and choreography in the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), as well as in festivals, training programs and companies across Europe. 



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1. BIOGRAPHY [teaching/SNDO/ AHK amsterdam]Sat 15-05-2010 -> Fri 25-06-2010   
2. BIOGRAPHY [teaching/ K3/ kampnagel hamburg]Mon 07-12-2009 -> Fri 11-12-2009   
3. BIOGRAPHY [teaching/Hasadna/Gaaton Israel]Sun 11-10-2009 -> Sun 29-11-2009   
4. BIOGRAPHY [Moving Right / new piece for Bodhi Project, Sead Salzburg]Mon 07-09-2009 -> Fri 09-10-2009   
5. BIOGRAPHY [teaching/ TSEKH / moscow]Mon 20-07-2009 -> Sat 01-08-2009   
6. BIOGRAPHY [teaching / SNDO / AHK Amsterdam NL]Mon 25-05-2009 -> Fri 26-06-2009   
7. BIOGRAPHY [teaching/HJS amsterdam]Mon 11-05-2009 -> Fri 15-05-2009   
8. BIOGRAPHY [teaching/SNDO/ AHK amsterdam]Mon 11-05-2009 -> Tue 26-05-2009   
9. BIOGRAPHY [teaching/SNDO/ AHK amsterdam]Mon 11-05-2009 -> Tue 26-05-2009   
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