2019 unmute

2018 To Voice (40 min) dance theatre on location with amateurs performers. A collaboration with De Gasten/ Elike Roover & Rutger Esaias and a co-production with Bos Theatre Amsterdam. 
Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry) (75 min) performance-essayA collaboration with artist Krijn de Koning (NL) and composer Tom Parkinson (UK). Production of NeverLike in co- production with Pumpenhaus Münster & FFT (Düsseldrof). 
Otherland (13 min) dance film. A collaboration with director Jan-Pieter Tuinstra (NL).
produced by Blackframe. support by NTR & Mediafund NL.

2016 The Dry Piece XL video dance (Quintet / 60 min) Premiere: Julidans Festival, Amsterdam 
Up Side Down Video dance, performance installation for children age 4+. A collaboration with choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander in co-production with De Stitle (NL), Weld (SW), Art  Station (PL), Station Service for Contemporary Dance (SR) and NeverLike (NL). 

2015 Clubbing Music dance (Sixtet / 60 min.) a collaboration with musician Tom Parkinson. NeverLike in coproduction with ‘De Coprducers NL. Premeire: Frascati Theatre, AmsterdamNL

2012-14 Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AMCh)

2012 To Band Music dance (12 performers / 60 min) a collaboration with musician Tom Parkinson. 
commission of Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam. Premiere: Breakin'walls Festival
The Dry Piece Video dance ( quartet / 60 min ) St. NeverLike in co-production with Grand Theatre Groningen, Huis A/d Werf Utrecht, Pumpenhaus Munster, FFT Dusseldorf
Premiere: Festival a/d Werf Festival, Utrecht NL WINNER OF DIORAPHTE DANCE AWARD 2013, DUTCH DANCE DAYS FESTIVAL. 

2010  Envelopes (dance-concert in 3 parts / 60 min ) a collaboration with musicians Tom Parkinson. Grand Theatre Groningen in co-production with DMA, Dansateliers, Pumpenhaus Munster. Premiere: Springdance Festival, Utrecht NL  
Kaleidoscope (quartet / 20 min) children performance.Het Lab,Utrecht NL   
couple-like#2 (an adaptation of couple-like for young public) in collaboration with Ugo Dehaes. Premiere: Festival Lab a/d Werf, Utrecht NL WINNER ZILVEREN KREKEL 2011

2009 Moving Right (quintet / 35 min) commission Bodhi Project / SEAD dance academy Salzburg, Austria.
Big Mouth  (trio / 40 min) in collaboration with Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor Dance Projects IL. Premier: November 30th, "Curtain Up" Festival Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007 The Prize Piece (quartet/ 60 min ) Commission BNG Prize co-production with Grand Theatre groningen, Dansateliers Rotterdam and Monty Theatre Antwerp. Tour NL by invitation The Dutch Theatre Institute. 
Out of Service (quintet /60 min). Commission: TALA Dance, Zagreb Croatia with the support of the Dutch embassy in Croatia. Premiere: Zagreb HR
2006 Faceless (interdisciplinary project /4 dancers + photographer + editor / 45min) in collaboration with Tammuz Binshtock IL/NL. Co-production DWA and Grand Theatre. Premiere: Something Raw Festival, Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam NL
Couple-Like (duet / 50 min) in collaboration with Ugo Deheas. Co-production Grand Theatre Groningen, Kwaadbloed BE, Dans Werkplaats Amsterdam (DWA). Premiere: Zagreb, Croatia. 
Flemish Premiere: Vooruit, Gent. Dutch premiere: Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam.

2004 Territory (interdisciplinary project/quartet for 3 dancers + musician + 4 security cameras + 4 monitors/55min) Co-production DWA, Grand Theatre, Monty Theatre Antwerp. Premiere: Melkweg Theatre Amsterdam. WINNER OF BNG AWARD 2005
Returns In 5 Minutes (short duet/ dance + live music) Jubilee Event DWA

2003 One-Minute-Solo (interdisciplinary research/dance + film + live music) DWA Ostriches (interdisciplinary research/ dance + video) DansAtaliers, Rotterdam. 

2002 Nanoseconds (sextet / 30 min) Korzo Production NL
The Bottom Line (solo / 25 min) Grand theatre and Nordenzone Festival Gronignen

2000 Gravel (research/ 3 dancers + 3 musicians) DansAtaliers Rotterdam in co-production with Grand Theatre and Cement Festival, Tilburg NL

1999 Commercial Break (trio / 30min) DWA in co-production with Grand Theatre, Groningen NL. 
Just Before (sextet /20 min) Emelia Dance Co. Greece
K(tz)ara (duet/12min) Muza Dance Co. IL

1998 Take a Way (octet /20min) Batsheva Ensemble, commission “Curtain Up Festival 98
No Though-No Form (duet / 20min) Commission CaDans Festival 98, Korzo Theatre, Den Hauge NL

1997  Solo For Two ( duet /10min) in collaboration with musician Rob Armos 
Light Enough To Be Alive (duet /15min) MelkWeg Theatre, Amsterdam NL
Map (solo /20min) Commission DWA

1996 A Memory Advances Into A Future (sextet/20 min) Workshop program, Batsheva Ensemble IL


SNDO (New Dance Developemnt School), BA for Choreography, Amsterdam Theatre School (AHK)

Dance Academies
Amsterdam Theatre School (AHK) ,Rotterdam Dance Academy (RDA), Fontys Dance Academy (Tilburg NL) , Dance Academy Lier (BE), SEAD (Salzburg AUS), DOCH (Stockholm, SE), ArteZ (Arnhem NL)

Open Classes for Professional Dancers, Summer Courses, Coaching projects
Open Classes for professional dancers, Rotterdam (NL), ImpulsTanz (Vienna AUS), Tanzhuas - NRW (Dusseldorf D), Koln Tanz Agentur/KTA (Cologne D), PACT-Zollverein (Essen DE), Henny Jurriens Foundation (Amsterdam NL), Kalamata International Dance Festival (Greece), The Loft (Brussels BE), Association of Professional Dancers of Ireland, CODA Festival (Oslo, Norway), Pula Summer Workshop (Croatia), Tanzquartier (Vienna AUS), Izola Summer Workshop (Slovenia), TSEKH (Moscow RUS), Kampnagel (Hamburg D), SST (Bytom, Poland), Proda Stavanger (NO) Danscentrum Stockholm (SW), Platforma Moscow (RUS)

Company Training
Charleroi/Danses (BE), Chrisztina De Chatel (Amsterdam NL), Ultimavez 
(Brussels BE), Sasha Waltz & Guests  (Berlin D), Micheal Anne de May (BE), Ballet-de-Marseille (FR), Cullberg Ballet (SE), de Stilte (NL), Kibbutz Dance Company (ISL)


2005 Hillary-Blake Firestone NL/USA  “Featherweight”
2002-04 Leine & Reobana NL “Eye In All “
Joaquiem Sabate NL/SP “Pension Dolores”
Club Guy & Roni NL/IL “The Language Of The Walls” 
2000-2001 Christine Gaigg AUS “Sacre Material” , “Ten 2 Hundred”
Sanna Myllylahti NL/FIN “Dark Intervals”
Diane Elshout & Frank Handler NL “Nerves, A Mental State”
1999-2000  Leine & Roebana NL  “Byrd”, “Cantos Firmus”
1998 Claire Russ Ensemble UK “Gourmet”
Cie Pascoli FR “Duets”
Sanna Myllylahti NL/FIN “ Windows”
1996 Philippe Blanchard SW/FR “B” + “Lés  Evélies”
1994-1996 Batsheva Ensemble IL
1990-1994 Kibbutz Dance Company IL 
© Rob Gradisen