A collaboration of Keren Levi and De Gasten.


a video dance performance


Dance-music performance
A collaboration of Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson.
Premiere: Frascati Theater Amsterdam, March 5 -7, 2105


By Ugo Dehaes and Keren Levi


A DanceConcert by Tom Parkinson and Keren Levi


The Prize Piece is a performance that systematically refuses to attach itself to one form and one style. 
It is a playlist of possibilities which refrains from adopting fixed ideological, emotional or personal position. 
Instead, The Prize Piece uses the intense physical presence of the performers to restlessly shift attention between one possible interpretation and its direct opposite, thus embracing the painful and unfixable ambiguity of existence as its primary subject matter.


Music-dance performance
In collaboration with Tom Parkinson
Supported by KunstenIsrael | Netherlands Foundation for Israeli Culture


OUT OF SERVICE  mediates between five parallel lines of investigation about the state of Availability.

Attempting to be of a service to the public, the performers try to communicate their confusion, hesitation and possible answers to questions such as:
How can I make myself available?
What am I willing to offer?
How far am I able to go?

Good intentions are not always a guarantee for success and although the wish to be available, OUT OF SERVICE slowly but surely goes out of service.


In collaboration with Ugo Deheas


In collaboration with Tom Parkinson;
An exercise in banding and a call for bonding


not available yet


By Niv Sheinfeld, Oren Laor and Keren Levi


Territory is an interdisciplinary performance of dance, music and video that proposes a journey through the different conceptions of territory – private, interpersonal, social, political, acoustic and ethological.
Questions of identity are negotiated according to the relationship of the performers to their performance space, the territory they inhabit.
The territory of the performance is framed further by technology – surveillance cameras / monitors and sound equipment re-focus how the audience captures what ‘takes place’ onstage. Four infrared cameras are situated on different sides and levels of the stage. The cameras register constantly what is happening and their footage is shown on four monitors. The public is given the option to have a multiplied view of the performance - they have to negotiate between five angles of the same event, the live act onstage and what is shown on the monitors.


Dance piece for public age 5 +


A Documentary Film by Shelly Kling
Support by Kunstenisrael | Netherlands Foundation for Israeli Culture




a dance video performance installation for children 4+


24, 25 & 26 January 2019
Frascati, Amsterdam


Moving Right is a dance piece for 5 female dancers and 4 metronomes. It is a performance that deals with the organization of movement in space and time inspired by associations connected to the concept of “Right”. Moving Right explores the concept of female Rightness on different levels, leaving it open to the audience what is not Right.

“…Despite death and destruction in the air,
With butterflies we decorate our hair,
We might look like sweetie pies,
But we know how to finish a fight…”
(Pretty Girls All In A Row / Seamus Cater)



Ostriches started as a research project which later on devloped into a short performance that was shown in Dublin Fringe festival 2004.
Ostriches exists in the tension between the physical, yet removed sense of the dance and the excplicit, and at times over exposed video images of the dancers faces. The objectvisation of the body and the seperation between body and face were the triggers for this work. By veiling the faces of the dancers I was interest to find out how the dance itself (hence the organization of the movement) is viewed and what experience it offers to the public.

The Bottom Line


Gravel was a collaboration with music trio So Horse; Seamus Cater, Alex & Tom Parkinson and performers Ivana Müller, Voin de Voin and Ricardo Santana who joined us later, taking over Voin’s place.

Gravel started as a research project in Dansateliers Rotterdam that focused on the relationship between dance and live music. Both music and dance were inspired by the poem so fox that was written by Greg Whelan as a gift to So Horse.

Later on we have developed the research into a performance with the support of Grand Theatre Groningen. We played Gravel there and also in Cement Festival 2001 and Melkweg Theatre Amsterdam.


Nanoseconds was my first collaboration with musician Tom Parkinson. The work was presented in combination with Dark Intervals (choreography: Sanna Myllylahti) in a double-bill program titled En Nu Dit Hier that was produced by Korzo Productions Hague with the support of Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst. The idea of En Nu Dit Hier was to have two dance performances made with the same group of dancers and to see what will run between the pieces by the fact that they were both conceived at the same time while each focuses on its own subject matters.


5 minutes long piece Tom Parkinson and I made for the Jubelium celebration of DWA. DWA asked makers who were working with DWA to present a 5 minutes long extract so Tom and I decided to make the 5 minutes limitation into a mini-concept.

K(tz)ara (Shortly)

K(tz)ara  is a quartet I made for Muza Dance Co. in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The piece is an adaptation of movement material from Kara (Frost), a duet I made in a context of a workshop program while I was working with Tanz Theatre Basel. In K(tz)ara I reorganized the movements themes, developing them further into a body of four dancers. The pieces was staged again for the 3rd year students of the modern dance department (MTD) in The Theater School Amsterdam (AHK).

Commercial Break

A trio commissioned by DWA which I made with Sigal Tzuk and Yvonne Weschke. Set and costumes designed by WOVER ( Marieke Wouters and Florain Verheijen), soundscape by ---. A performance on the edge of a century, confused, touching lightly upon many issues but unable to articulate itself. For archive sake check it out... 

No Thought - No Form

No Thought – No Form was a duet made in collaboration with Alfredo Fernandez which was commissioned by Cadans Festival 1998, Hauge NL. Silence and the wish for inner peace was the psychological background that surrounded the process in a time when I was struggling to find my place in new surroundings, constantly adjusting and still very much homesick…  

Map (one has to draw his/her own map while walking it)

Map was my first commissioned solo piece. Dans Werk Plaats Amsterdam (DWA) invited me to work and present the piece on short notice while shows of Light Enough and Solo for Two were already booked. Both bookings fell on the same dates so as soon as I finished performing Map in DWA’s studio I hopped on my bike and cycled to Melkweg Theatre to perform Solo for Two.

Solo for Two

Two solos in juxtaposition for Rob Armus (saxophone) and myself (dance). The piece was shown in a double-bill program with Light Enough To Alive. Both pieces were the first work I made and presented after arriving to Amsterdam thanks to Dans Werk Plaats Amsterdam who gave me studio space for free.

Light Enough To Be Alive

A short duet I made for Lizi Estaras and Uli Huhn that was presented in the Melkweg Theatre, Amsterdam in November 1997.
The music was an improvisation in structure performed by Rob Armus (saxophone) and Curtis Clark (piano). 

Light Enough To Be Alive was performed in a double-bill program with Solo for Two, a duet work I made with Rob. Both pieces were the first work I presented in Amsterdam as I arrived in town and they were made thanks to the artists involved and the free studio space we got from DWA ( Dans Werk Plaats Amsterdam). This registration is from a showing we had in DWA prior to the performances. 

Take A Way

Take A Way was a commission of Curtain Up Festival 1998, Tel-Aviv Israel to make work for Batsheva Ensamble. The work was shown in an evening that presented work from Israelis dance-makers who live and work abroad. A rare initiative ...
In Take A way I collaborated with architect Ilan Koren who designed the stage, costumes and the idea for the lights.
Danced by Matan, Maya, Mami, Jeremy, Hagit, Noa and Yaron. 

זכרון מתקדם לעתיד(Memory Advancing Into A Future)

A dance piece I made as part of a workshop program while I was dancing with Batsheva Ensemble. My almost first work..
Dance: Yosi Berg, Yael Schnell, Efrat Stempler, Sigal Tzuk and Michael.

This registration was made in Suzan Dallal Theatre in Tel-Aviv, Israel.