Moving Right is a dance piece for 5 female dancers and 4 metronomes. It is a performance that deals with the organization of movement in space and time inspired by associations connected to the concept of “Right”. Moving Right explores the concept of female Rightness on different levels, leaving it open to the audience what is not Right.

“…Despite death and destruction in the air,
With butterflies we decorate our hair,
We might look like sweetie pies,
But we know how to finish a fight…”

(Pretty Girls All In A Row / Seamus Cater)


commission: SEAD / BODHI PROJECT
a contemporary dance company curated by Susan Quinn

Choreography Keren Levi

In collaboration with the dancers:
Anne-Laure Dogot
Ariadna Gironès Mata
Camille Mariage
Evmorfia Stylianidou
Spela Vodeb

Music "Die Meistersinger /Prelude" by Richard Wagner 

Original Music "Pretty Girls All In A Row" by Seamus Cater

Rehearsals director Maja Poturovic

Choreography assistance Ceren Oran

Technique Deepak K.S.