The Prize Piece is a performance that systematically refuses to attach itself to one form and one style. 
It is a playlist of possibilities which refrains from adopting fixed ideological, emotional or personal position. 
Instead, The Prize Piece uses the intense physical presence of the performers to restlessly shift attention between one possible interpretation and its direct opposite, thus embracing the painful and unfixable ambiguity of existence as its primary subject matter.
on the scaffold: Hillary Blake firestone, Pedro Ines, Guillem Monte de Palol and Keren Levi
creation team (aug - dec 2007): Koen de Preter, Shani Granot, Guillem Monte de Palol, Keren Levi
water song: Tom & Alex Parkinson
dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic
light: Minna Tiikkainen
music pieces by: Johan van Weesrt, Peaches, Tina Turner/The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London
music/text edit: Seamus Cater 
advice:  Irene van Geest
funds: BNG commission  for New Theatre Director Award 2006
production/technique: Grand Theatre Groningen
co-production: Dansateliers Rotterdam
support: Monty Theatre Antwerp, Stichting Dok Studios Amsterdam
© Janna Bathoorn
© Janna Bathoorn
© janna Bathoorn
© Janna Bathoorn
© Janna Bathoorn
© Janna Bathoorn

Mon 17-12-2007 : Volkskrant, Anette Embrechts

Impressive Performance That Does Not Mean To Say Anything
She does not look like a prizewinner, lying there on a high floor of wooden pallets. She gargles water, amplified by a microphone, sustaining this action longer than what seems possible. It is the young choreographer Keren Levi laying here; last seasons’ surprising winner of the BNG New Theatremaker Prize 2006. She made her new work, simply named The Prize Piece, from the 50 thousand euro the prize existed of. However obligatory this title might seem to be, no other would have been more obvious. This performance emphatically does not mean to say anything. Or even better, it withdraws from everything. And that what makes The Prize Piece an incredible impressive experience. ”We are not going to say hello, we are not going to say goodbye”, is what the 4 performers sing in the end of the piece, to which they maintain to commit themselves to; gargling (almost musically) they let the audience to leave on its own initiative (or maintain seated), without any applause. Following what “little” Koen de Preter had been telling us at the start of the piece, about all the things he would not do (“I am not going to make sense, I’m not going to explain why”). The Prize Piece is almost everything you can imagine that is Not, but then, what is it? A continuously moving physical performance in which the 4 fascinating dancers - besides Levi and de Preter also the tall Guillem Monte de Palol and the seductive Shani Granot - seek for on all corners of the pallets platform they perform on. They start a simple movement, such as piling up fists-with-thumbs-up, developing this idea into a constant color and form changing within a chain reaction. They exhaust themselves by bouncing and jumping within patterns that are also subject to subtle changes. What is the most striking thing about this show? It’s the originality and the companionship with which this consequent experiment has been executed. Indeed it is a prizewinner working here.   Translation: Irene van Geest  
the prize piece (trailer)- keren levi
Duration : 06:18
The Prize Piece
Duration : 55:42
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