OUT OF SERVICE  mediates between five parallel lines of investigation about the state of Availability. Attempting to be of a service to the public, the performers try to communicate their confusion, hesitation and possible answers to questions such as: How can I make myself available? What am I willing to offer? How far am I able to go? Good intentions are not always a guarantee for success and although the wish to be available, OUT OF SERVICE slowly but surely goes out of service.




Concept and choreography: Keren Levi
Performance: Darko Japelj,Larisa Lipovac, Damir Klemenić, Roberta Milevoj, Sonja Pregrad
Music Arrangement: Zvonimir Dusper
Light Design: Miljenko Bengez
Production: Tamara Curic / TALA

OUT OF SERVICE received support from City Council for Culture Zagreb the Dutch Embassy in Zagreb. 

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out of service (trailer) - Keren Levi
Duration : 05:35
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