"To live in a culture in which women are routinely naked and where men aren't is to learn inequality in little ways all day long. So even if we agree that sexual imagery is in fact a language, it is clearly one that is already heavily edited to protect men's sexual-and hence social-confidence while undermining that of women" Naomi Wolf / The Beauty Myth

In The Dry Piece (2012 / Festival a/d Werf) the disturbed relationship between beauty ideals and contemporary feminine identity are scrutinized. In this performance choreographer Keren Levi uses theatre technique as Photoshops’ paintbrush and contemplates the gap between glamour and labour in a show performed by naked female dancers behind a projection screen. Inspired by 1930's musicals of Busby Berkeley and the “The Beauty Myth”, by the writer Naomi Wolf, The Dry Piece confronts the spectators with the violence our gaze inflicts upon the body. Suggesting the possible disappearance of the body in the face of its own image. 

WINNER OF  DIORAPHTE AWARD 2013 ”We saw very skilled dancers, a beautiful staging and an impressive sound scape. It is esthetic, erotic and simply profoundly human performance. The work, which is performed in a small space, becomes a point of departure for the audience to immerse themselves in the limitless space of their imagination. With subtle and gentle movements, and the use of videothese qualities are the core values of the award.” (The jury of the Dioraphte Award 2013 about The Dry Piece)

XL EDITION (2016 / Julidans Festival) For this edition Levi adds more dancers to the original cast of the four, and adapts the piece to the “ big stage”. This gesture of ‘adding; has an affect on the performance. Levi re-compose the piece so to emphasise the difference of scale and magnitude gained by it.
Concept and choreography Keren Levi
Dance and choreography The Dry Piece Mari Matre Larsen, Tijana Prendovic, Orfee Schuijt and Eva Susova
Dance and choreography XL EDITION Maddy Bullard, Karin Frankel, Mari Matre Larsen, Maya Tamir, Alicia Verdú Macián,  Alice Pons, Eva Susova, Hillary Blake Firestone
Extras [ premeire] Sarah Kate Gardiner, Lucia Fernandez, Maya Tamir, Mezhgan Saleh, Maria Villasmil, Fransecca Lezzeri, Rozemarijn de Neve, Suzanna de Bekker, Marjolein Vogels, Valentina Campora, Chengbei Duan, Emmi Hakala, Vera Goetzee, Joske Daamen, Eva Vrieling, Monica Sharon, Jantien Fick, Paula Chavez Bonilla, Pauline Briguet, Nora Ramakers, Esther Arribas, Tex Hobjin, Revé Terbog, Sarah Paternesi
Music Tom Parkinson
Light Design Minna Tiikkainen
Video Assi Weitz
Dramaturgy Igor Dobricic
Technique Martin Kaffarnik, Assi Weitz, Paul Schimmel
Photography Daan Brand
Graphic  Design Cubicle Design
Advice Moos van den Broek
Graphique Design Miritte Ben Yitchack | Cubicle Design
Photography Anna van Kooij
Management Jette Schneider 
Production Martha van Meegen 
PR Daisy Benz
Co-production Huis a/d Werf Utrecht, Grand Theatre Groningen, Pumpenhaus Münster/DE and Forum Freies Theatre Düsseldorf/DE
With Support From  Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Funds for the Arts, Utrecht City,  Centro per la Scena Contemporanea in Bassano del Grappa/IT, WP Zimmer in Antwerpen/BE and Tanzquatier in Wenen/AU.
Special Thanks Barbara Meneses and Dansateliers Rotterdam
premeire Huis a/d Werf Festival, May 17th 2012
The Dry Piece XL Edition is a production of Stichting NeverLike, with the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, VSBfonds, Julidans Festival and Theater de Meervaart Amsterdam.
Premiere Julidans Festival, July 8th, 2016
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1. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Thu 18-10-2018  Romaeuropa Festival, Romeromaeuropa.net
2. THE DRY PIECE Tue 15-05-2018  Joint Adventures, Munichwww.jointadventures.net
3. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Sat 02-09-2017  International Festival Les Brigittines, Brusselswww.brigittines.be
4. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Fri 01-09-2017  International Festival Les Brigittines, Brusselswww.brigittines.be
5. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Sun 21-05-2017  Flora Theatre Festival, Olomoucwww.divadelniflora.cz
6. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Sat 13-05-2017  Rencontres chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Pariswww.rencontreschoregraphiques.com
7. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Fri 12-05-2017  Rencontres chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Pariswww.rencontreschoregraphiques.com
8. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION ?]Sat 06-05-2017 20:30 Schouwburg Odeon, Zwollezwolsetheaters.nl
9. THE DRY PIECE Sat 01-04-2017 20:30 Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdamwww.rotterdamseschouwburg.nl
10. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Sat 25-03-2017 20:30 Frascati, Amsterdamwww.frascatitheater.nl
11. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Fri 24-03-2017 20:30 Frascati, Amsterdamwww.frascatitheater.nl
12. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Fri 17-03-2017 20:30 Korzo theater, Den Haagwww.korzo.nl
13. THE DRY PIECE [PREVIEW XL EDITION]Wed 08-03-2017  Stedlijk Museum, Amsterdamwww.stedelijk.nl
14. THE DRY PIECE Tue 28-02-2017 20:30 Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Utrechtwww.stadsschouwburg-utrecht.nl
15. THE DRY PIECE Fri 10-02-2017  Südpol | Musik Tanz Theater, Lucernwww.sudpol.ch
16. THE DRY PIECE Thu 09-02-2017  Südpol | Musik Tanz Theater, Lucernwww.sudpol.ch
17. THE DRY PIECE [XL EDITION]Fri 08-07-2016  Julidans, Amsterdamwww.julidans.com
18. THE DRY PIECE [Tefaf Maastricht http://www.tefaf.com/]Sat 21-03-2015 20:30 Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastrichtwww.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl
19. THE DRY PIECE Fri 28-11-2014 20:00 Rabotheater Hengelo, Hengelowww.rabotheater.nl
20. THE DRY PIECE Tue 18-11-2014 20:15 CC Maasmechelen, Maasmechelenwww.ccmaasmechelen.be
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26. THE DRY PIECE [Bordenhal Theatre]Sat 05-10-2013 13:30 Nederlandse Dansdagen, Maastrichtwww.nederlandsedansdagen.nl
27. THE DRY PIECE [Parade Edition]Tue 13-08-2013 19:30, 20:45, 22:00 Parade, Amsterdam
28. THE DRY PIECE [Parade Edition]Mon 12-08-2013 19:30, 20:45, 22:00 Parade, Amsterdam
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37. THE DRY PIECE Tue 28-05-2013 21:00 Theater Kikker, Utrechtwww.theaterkikker.nl
38. THE DRY PIECE [German Premiere]Sat 11-05-2013  Pumpenhaus, Münsterwww.pumpenhaus.de
39. THE DRY PIECE [German Premiere]Fri 10-05-2013  Pumpenhaus, Münsterwww.pumpenhaus.de
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51. THE DRY PIECE Fri 21-09-2012 20:30 Grand Theatre, Groningenwww.grandtheatregroningen.nl
52. THE DRY PIECE Sat 19-05-2012  Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht
53. THE DRY PIECE Fri 18-05-2012  Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht
54. THE DRY PIECE [PREMIERE | festival opening program]Thu 17-05-2012  Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht
55. THE DRY PIECE [Try - Out]Thu 10-05-2012 20:30 Grand Theatre, Groningenwww.grandtheatregroningen.nl
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About screenings of 'Inside Envelopes' and performances of 'The Dry Piece' in Kikker Theatre on May 28-29, 2013/ Fransien van der Putt

http://www.cultureelpersbureau.nl/2013/05/unieke-documentaire-in-kikker-inside-enveloppes-over-werk-en-leven-in-hedendaagse-dans-voorlopige-titel-upload-dinsdagochtend-op-site/ by Fransien van der Putt

"... She lets her four dancers in "The Dry Piece" (2012) dance completely naked and dusted with glitter on the HochX stage. After a choreographic positional rotation at the beginning, they soon format themselves in the middle and drift to the music of Tom Parkinson the synchronous, ornamental and geometric formation movements of Busby Berkeley to the extreme. the best known is probably "Dames - Beautiful Girls" from 1934. However beautiful and mesmerizing these human patterns may be, they are also problematic. all of which were similar - blonde, slim and pretty. But in this day and age, when #metoo's rising wind has brought a gender debate, it's important to challenge this.Although they perform uniform movements, they are not uniformed, because each carries its own body. Although it glitters and smacks everywhere and flashes body parts. The conscious steering and influencing by the eye of the camera becomes clear. Then the stage trembles with penetrating beats and the bodies seem threatening in the hectic light. And they are, especially in "The Dry Piece" and especially because in the end it gets loud, like everywhere in the world. "   <div class="blogMessageFooter" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; outline: none 0px; font-size: 12.0084px; clear: both; color: rgb(105, 105, 105); font-family: " helvetica="" light",="" "helvetica="" neue",="" neue="" medium",="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;"="">   https://www.tanznetz.de/blog/28641/wundervolles-jetzt

Sun 26-08-2012 : Dans Magazine NL, Ruth Naber / Part 1

‘I don’t believe the world belongs to young women, even though we may live in this incredibly photo-shopped society.’ Choreographer Keren Levi (Israel, 1972) is referring to the perfect bums and boobs beaming at us from billboards and bus stops. In The Dry Piece she presents a range of views on femininity, beauty, and perfection.

Sun 26-08-2012 : Dans Magazine NL, Ruth Naber / Part 2

'At first, four women show us their un-photo shopped bodies. How do we see them? How do we then feel about our own bodies? I am trying to get the audience to look beyond this association with sex that it evokes in the first instance. Get them to see the anatomical body, the body that can get hurt, that can dance.'

Sat 19-05-2012 : Volkskrant, Mirjam van der Linden

Keren Levi, who scored a hit earlier with ‘Couple-Like’, also takes a very sculptural approach, like Dorner. In ‘The Dry Piece’ four naked female dancers are dancing behind a see-through screen. The screen is used simultaneously to project images of their movements which are filmed live. The appearance of the bodies is constantly changing, from physical flesh to stylized nudity, from raw imperfection to smooth aestheticism. The geometric patterns they form slowly progress into chaos.
Levi is subtle in her allocation of meaning; inevitably, ‘The Dry Piece’ invokes questions about the female beauty ideal, but it is a well-composed and beautiful story in images. Springdance will be pleased.

Fri 18-05-2012 : NRC, Francine van der Wiel

‘The Dry Piece’ recalled memories of ‘Herses (une lente introduction)’ in which Boris Charmatz presented five naked dancers on the stage in 1997 in such a way that eroticism never even came into the picture; he simply gave a pure and direct presentation of the body. Levi is doing something similar with four naked female dancers. Behind a sheer projection screen they move like four athletes, graces, odalisques of one mind – woman as we know her. Their nudity is inescapable, but since nudity is something we easily grow accustomed to, their sexuality is transformed into aestheticism.
The latter is underlined by the Busby Berkeley-style physical compositions, fanning out and shrinking in kaleidoscopic movements projected on the screen. Ironically, Levi thus presents the female body, which she intended to free from ‘the violent male gaze’ and the way it dominates the beauty industry, as an object as well, albeit an object with a neutrality that equals that of a building block.

Tue 01-05-2012 : Opzij, Renate Van Der Zee

I wonder to what extent I am being manipulated myself. When I was young, I felt frustrated, because my body was not as tall and thin as that of the ideal classical female dancer. Eventually I found my way in contemporary dance, which makes different demands on the body. I have made peace with my body.
But I do realise the impact of the beauty ideal. Beauty is an industry; lots of money is made on it. It is strange that women’s magazines, which should support women where their health is concerned, are sponsored by businesses that basically just want to sell their anti-wrinkle creams. I wonder to what extent we, women, can lead healthy lives without subjecting to this ideal. Can we hold on to our own, autonomous ideal, one that comes from the inside? This is what my performance deals with.’
The Dry Piece | Keren Levi (official trailer)
Author : © assi weitz
Duration : 01:48
The Dry Piece - Trailer 1
Duration : 02:51
The Dry Piece - Random Footage
Author : © assi wietz
Duration : 06:10
Teaser The Dry Piece | XL Edtion 
Duration : 00:00
The Dry Piece by Keren Levi- Teatro a Corte 2013 ai Cantieri OGR
Duration : 03:51
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