In collaboration with Tom Parkinson

Enter into our world. Leave everything you have at the door, including your expectations of dance and theatre, your ideas about music, your opinion about what is beautiful and what is not. Come inside and listen. Listen to our sound, our music. Listen to us being together. This is our sound revolution.

To Band is a music-dance concert performed by twelve young people. Together, they construct onstage an utopian world in which everything is in constant flow. Sound and motion take on new forms, combine and then fall apart again...
“The stunning opening scene is a simple reversal of your expectations: a band in full regalia. But instead the performers stand motionless and silent. No more than that. But it is more than enough to instantly create tension... The result is amazing” 
Mirjam van der Linden / Volkskrant
concept, dance and sound Keren Levi & Tom Parkinson
in collaboration with performers
Judith Akele, Xandry van den Besselaar, Meyourim Benkemper, Chahid Boudount, Soufyan Boudount, Kobbe Koopman, Celesta Kusi, Judith Rijsenbrij, Luca Tichelman, Hanne van de Vuurst, Kick Kluiving & Alma Sua
assistant Alma Sua
dramaturgy Igor Dobricic, Berthe Spoelstra
light design Jeroen de Bruin
costumes Lotte Goos
production Frascati Productions
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1. TO BAND [Vondelpark| short version]Mon 08-07-2013  Julidans,
2. TO BAND Sat 01-06-2013  
3. TO BAND Fri 31-05-2013  
4. TO BAND [Jonge Harten Festival]Wed 28-11-2012  Grand Theatre,
5. TO BAND Sat 17-11-2012  Frascati,
6. TO BAND Fri 16-11-2012  Frascati,
7. TO BAND Thu 15-11-2012  Frascati,
8. TO BAND [Premiere]Wed 14-11-2012  Frascati,

Mon 19-11-2012 : Volkskrant, Mirjam van der Linden

The stunningly beautiful opening scene is a simple reversal of what you would expect: a band, all dressed up but not playing a note; standing completely motionless and looking, quiet as a mouse. Nothing more. But more than enough to create tension.

**** (4 stars)

Sat 24-11-2012 : roosblog, lisa smal

Tue 20-11-2012 : NRC, Joyce Roodnat

To Band - Teaser
Duration : 01:06
To Band - Trailer (Long) - Keren Levi & Tom Parkinson | Frascati Producties
Duration : 05:18
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