A Documentary Film by Shelly Kling with the support of Foundation Kunstenisrael

In 2010 filmmaker Shelly Kling followed Keren Levi during the creation process of the  dance-concert "Envelopes". Besides Levi, the main characters in the film are her sister Reut, a dancer and sociology student, British musician and ex-boyfriend Tom Parkinson and his twin brother Alex, a musician and a camera man. The film documents the personal and professional relationships during a period of three months when the four were living together and working on the creation of the show. Exploring the relationship between art and life,  Kling made a 46 minutes film that talks about the language of dance as well as the language of film and which deals with themes such as home, family and identity.

Inside Envelopes offers a very personal insight into the work of choreographer Keren Levi. Without any compromises it registers the artistic process and exposes the fragile yet human aspects in the artist’s life. The film can be presented with subtitles in different languages and in combination with Envelope II The is not a boat and that is not an island (a duet from Envelopes), on its own or with other dance performances by Levi such as The Dry Piece.

Trailer https://vimeo.com/69406033

With support from:

Director & producer: Shelly Kling
Editor: Itay Kohay
Cinematographer: Jonathan Ofek & Shelly Kling
Supported by Kunstenisrael- Netherlands foundation for Israeli Culture
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1. INSIDE ENVELOPES Sat 16-08-2014 19:00 Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholmhttp
2. INSIDE ENVELOPES Fri 15-08-2014 13:00 Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholmhttp
3. INSIDE ENVELOPES Fri 30-08-2013  Cinematheque Haifa, Haifahttp
4. INSIDE ENVELOPES Sat 24-08-2013 18:45 Cinematheque, Tel-Avivhttp
5. INSIDE ENVELOPES Fri 23-08-2013 12:30 Cinematheque, Tel-Avivhttp
6. INSIDE ENVELOPES Sun 04-08-2013 20:00 ZOA, Tel-Avivhttp
7. INSIDE ENVELOPES Thu 01-08-2013 11:00 San francisco Jewish Film Festivalhttp
8. INSIDE ENVELOPES Thu 01-08-2013 16:00 ZOA, Tel-Avivhttp
9. INSIDE ENVELOPES Tue 23-07-2013 20:00 ZOA, Tel-Avivhttp
10. INSIDE ENVELOPES Fri 19-07-2013 14:30 ZOA, Tel-Avivhttp
11. INSIDE ENVELOPES [in combination with The Dry Piece]Tue 28-05-2013 20:00 Theater Kikker, Utrechtwww.theaterkikker.nl
12. INSIDE ENVELOPES Sat 09-03-2013 10:30 Cinedans Festival, Amsterdamcinedans.nl
13. INSIDE ENVELOPES [Epos Art Film festival]Fri 01-03-2013 13:00 Tel-Aviv Contemporary Art Museum, Tel-Avivwww.filmart.co.il

Thu 28-02-2013 : Volkskrant, Annette Embrechts

"Disconcertingand honest article on the painfully difficult creation of the quartet Envelopes, by choreographer Keren Levi, her younger sister Reutlingen, musician Tom Parkinson (Levi's former lover) and his twin brother Alex. So strong is the bond of blood, so difficult communication. "(Annette Embrechts, De Volkskrant, 28 February 2013, "Colliding Worlds in tenth Cinedans'.
Inside Envelopes- Trailer
Duration : 01:57
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