Sat 19-05-2012 : Volkskrant, Mirjam van der Linden

[….] Keren Levi, who scored a hit earlier with ‘Couple-Like’, also takes a very sculptural approach, like Dorner. In ‘The Dry Piece’ four naked female dancers are dancing behind a see-through screen. The screen is used simultaneously to project images of their movements which are filmed live. The appearance of the bodies is constantly changing, from physical flesh to stylized nudity, from raw imperfection to smooth aestheticism. The geometric patterns they form slowly progress into chaos.
Levi is subtle in her allocation of meaning; inevitably, ‘The Dry Piece’ invokes questions about the female beauty ideal, but it is a well-composed and beautiful story in images. Springdance will be pleased.

Mirjam van der Linden