In Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry), the music score of ‘Crippled Symmetry’ by composer Morton Feldman (1926-1987, USA) is the starting point for a choreography for 3 female dancers, a sound system and a spacious artwork.

Morton Feldman is one of the most important composers of new music in the 20th century. His music offers a meeting place for Levi's fascination with symmetry, which she has explored in pieces such as The Dry Piece (2012/2016), and her focus on the exchange between choreography and music in all her works. Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry) enables Levi to concentrate on the choreographic unfolding of the time-space relationship between movement and music-notes on the one hand, and issues such as commitment, communality and the experience of time on the other hand.

Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry) is a hole in the tissue of time. The movement of the dancers - their performance of the score - is made possible because of the un-compromised commitment to the score, which is then becomes a vehicle for the dancers to form an onstage community. 
In addition to the aesthetic value of the performance, Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry) is a manifestation of the experience of the passage of time. As our experience of time becomes more and more fragmented, our attention span becomes shorter and shorter. The enhanced fragmentation prevent us from a cohesive experience of our own live, consequently increasing alienation on personal and interpersonal levels.  

The choreography is made in a way that every dancer translates the composite route of one musical instrument into movement material. Traces of instrumentation and music are read back in each movement pattern, The three patterns form together, in juxtaposition to each other, a ghostly embodiment of the original score. Dutch visual artist Krijn de Koning and English composer Tom Parkinson, have been invited by Levi to respond, in their own discipline, to Feldman's score. De Koning will create a visual concept for the performance that breathe his work’s signature of architectural playfulness. Parkinson’s sound composition will encompass the performance with a sonic environment 

Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry) is an evening performance that is also available as a double bill program. This program offers the implementation of Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry), in combination with the performance of the music by the renowned chamber music ensemble, Ives Ensemble in the context of Krijn de Koning's spacious artwork.

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1. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Wed 06-03-2019  Rabotheater Hengelo,
2. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Sat 08-12-2018  Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastrichthttp
3. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Wed 10-10-2018  Frascati,
4. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Tue 09-10-2018  Frascati,
5. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) [exact date tbc]Sat 02-06-2018  Forum Freies Theater, Dü
6. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) [exact date tbc]Fri 01-06-2018  Forum Freies Theater, Dü
8. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Sat 19-05-2018  Korzo theater, Den
10. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Thu 26-04-2018  Rotterdamse Schouwburg,
11. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Fri 20-04-2018  chassé theater,
12. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Thu 12-04-2018  Ins Blau, Leidenhttps
13. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Thu 29-03-2018  Lux,
14. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Fri 16-03-2018  Natlab, Eindhovenhttps
15. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Sat 03-03-2018  Theater Kikker,
16. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Sat 24-02-2018  Frascati,
17. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Fri 23-02-2018  Frascati,
19. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) Sat 10-02-2018  Pumpenhaus, Mü
20. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) [GERMAN PREMIERE]Fri 09-02-2018  Pumpenhaus, Mü
21. FOOTNOTES (for CRIPPLED SYMMETRY) [PREVIEW double-bill with Ives Ensemble]Thu 09-11-2017 20:15 Muziekgebouw, Amsterdamhttps
Footnotes for Crippled Symmetry / Keren Levi
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