unmute is a dancemusic performance, a concert and a dance perofmrnace,  by choreographer Keren Levi in ​​collaboration with composer Yannis Kyriakides. unmute is performed by 3 dancers and 2 musicians from percussion ensamble Slagwerk Den Haag. With this performance, Levi & Kyriakides enter a barely explored area where digital technology and the physical skills of dancers and musicians play each other. It is dance, live music and a soundscape of digitally processed voices. You hear words and exclamations in the different languages ​​of the performers on stage ​​and computer-generated voices - all digitized and detached from their physical origin. 

unmute sketches a futuristic scene in which man and voice are permanently separated but where there is a strong desire to reconcile communication and voice with the personal and the body. The dancers and musicians channel the digital fields of voice through sensors. They are possessed by these detached and "silent" voices, and thus change their form. The idea of ​​this re-embodiment of voices comes from rituals of possession in ancient civilizations, for example oracles that played the voice of the gods. It also refers to healing, mesmerizing rituals in which the spirit and the voice of a deceased take possession of the body of the living. As beings of all times and cultures - oracles, deities and cyborgs - the performers of unmute embody a plurality of voices. The music composition molds the sound into a hallucinating sound landscape that surrounds everyone. It is like a dream in which you stand still in a noisy, urgent crowd, while the space around you waves and changes shape.

by Yannis Kyriakides (music) & Keren Levi (choregoraphy)
in collaboration with 
Performance Matthew Day, Charlie Laban Trier, Eva Susova, Marianna Soroka / Pepe Garcia, Fedor Teunisse
Dramaturgical advice Igor Dobričić 
Light design Martin Kaffarnik
Software development Darien Brito, Michelle Abolaffio 
Management Transistor Jette Judith
Production & tour management  Stephie Kolman
PR NeverLike Liorah Hoek
Management & Strategy NeverLike Transistor -Jette Schneider & Judith Schoneveld 
Graphic design Miritte Ben Yitzchak 
Visual communication Assi Weitz
Photography Eti Steinberg
Production of NeverLike in coproduction with Slagwerk Den Hague
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uNmUTe [work in progress]Thu 05-09-2019  Gaudeamus, Utrechtgaudeamus.nl
uNmUTe [PREMIER]Thu 03-10-2019  Nederlandse Dansdagen, Maastrichtwww.nederlandsedansdagen.nl
uNmUTe [PREMIER]Sat 05-10-2019  Nederlandse Dansdagen, Maastrichtwww.nederlandsedansdagen.nl
uNmUTe Thu 17-10-2019  Frascati, Amsterdamwww.frascatitheater.nl
uNmUTe Fri 18-10-2019  Frascati, Amsterdamwww.frascatitheater.nl
uNmUTe Sat 19-10-2019  Frascati, Amsterdamwww.frascatitheater.nl
uNmUTe Sat 26-10-2019  Theater Kikker, Utrechtwww.theaterkikker.nl
uNmUTe Thu 31-10-2019  Korzo theater, Den Haagwww.korzo.nl
uNmUTe Wed 06-11-2019  Ins Blau, Leidenwww.theaterinsblau.nl
uNmUTe Sat 09-11-2019  Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdamwww.rotterdamseschouwburg.nl
uNmUTe Fri 22-11-2019  chassé theater, Bredawww.chasse.nl
uNmUTe Fri 24-01-2020  Lux, Nijmegenwww.lux-nijmegen.nl
uNmUTe Fri 14-02-2020  MEERVART THEATRE, AMSTERDAMwww.meervaart.nl
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