1. “New voices enter a song, both participating in this song and contributing to reinvent it.” Isabelle Stengers

Polyphonic Songs is a 3-days program presented by Veem House for Performance and curated in collaboration with BAU Dance & Performance Amsterdam, Keren Levi | NeverLike and Nicole Beutler Projects. It is a program of performances and talks with established artists and independent performers from the dance and performance field in Amsterdam.

Everyone has their own voice.
How do we listen to all these voices?
How can we sing together with different voices?

previous edition | November 2018

All shows are solos, performed by women, makers of different age, background and styles, which deal (one way or another) with voice and voicing.

With Cherish Menzo, Nicole Beutler, Genevieve Murphy, Keren Levi , Eva Šusová, Nienke Scholts & Igor Dobričić

PROGRAM: https://veem.house/NL/news/polyphonic-songs-with-bau-amsterdam-nicole-beutler-projects-and-keren-levi-or-neverlike

next edition | January 2020